Monday, April 14, 2008

The Intrudor

The girls enjoyed running and playing in the wonderful weather on Saturday. They got their new shades for the spring and were ready to go. Marybeth committed her first crime this day. I say CRIME because she broke in the back door of our neighbors house after escaping from our yard in a split second as I sat in my chair by the swing set! I went looking for her and she had opened our gate, their gate, and proceeded up their back deck and into her little friends room to play with her "Baby Lie" aka Baby Alive...I could only laugh at her shenanigans! Imagine me, going to the wide open back door and calling for Marybeth...I know laugh all you want, I am still snickering at it. Thank heavens everyone was clothed! I could just imagine walking in on someone in their skibbies! They got a kick out of it too. Oh, and she let their dog out who ran off down the street and around the block. Our neighbor Susan had to get in her car and go find her. What a day of play! So beware of the two year old intruder! She is quick on her entry!