Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Our Anniversary 2007

Saturday we celebrated our sixth anniversary of holy matrimony as husband and wife. What a wonderful 6 years it has been to spend with my best friend and love of my life.

I came up with the idea of having a little wedding so that Mallory and Marybeth could participate. So, after Paul got in from MissionFuge on Saturday evening, he and I went to Portico to eat and celebrate. Then we came home and Mallory was the flower girl and Marybeth was the ring girl! They had so much fun...and Mommy even wore her wedding gown. Still fits, girls!! That is what Weight Watchers will do for you! We had a fun time, reminiscing on those days. Enjoy the ceremony...and don't forget that this was around 9:30 at night!!

Who Knew Swimming in the Backyard could be SO much FUN??

This was last weekend before Paul went to MissionFuge. We put up a kiddie pool in the backyard and you would have thought we were at WaterTown the way they had FUN!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Teachable Moments

My two girls have become very adamant about making each other as miserable as possible in the last few weeks. Marybeth has finally gotten big enough and strong enough to take Mallory on-head to head! We have many teachable moments these days and our days and nights are always spent learning this verse...Children, obey your parents in the Lord for this is right. Ephesians 6:1 Mallory had to say it about 50 times last night after being disobedient and disrespectful over and over. These are the life-changing moments I want them to be reminded of as they grow up in the LORD. Praise God for His goodness!

I am still loving my new job! What a blessing to be at home working in my own environment and conveniences.

I am currently hosting an online stationary party from now until Wednesday, July 18th. You can follow this link to view the products and for me to get credit on my show.


They have GREAT personalized products at really good prices!

Here are some pics from our Fourth of July. We enjoyed the Triangle Park Parade in the neighborhood with all the kiddies. It is such a cute event where all the kids have their trikes, etc decorated up and ride in their own parade! The girls love it as do we. I enjoyed my day off with paid vacation!